Organizational Integrity

1.1 In all its activities and particularly its communications to the public, the organization will accord due respect to the dignity, value, history, religion and culture of the people with whom it works consistently with principles of basic human rights.

1.2 The organization will be formed voluntarily and not for profit.

1.3 The organization will oppose and not be a willing party to wrong doing, corruption, bribery, or any other financial impropriety in any of its activities.

1.4 The organization will have a policy to enable staff confidientially bring to the attention of the Governing body evidence of misconduct on the part of anyone associated with the organisation.

1.5 The organization will conduct itself in ways that do not denigrate other agencies, make misleading or false public statements regarding such other agencies.

1.6 The organization will have policies and procedures to promote the safety and well being of all children accessing its services and programs particularly to minimize the risk of abuse of children.