Brief History

COFFHA Nigeria was incorporated in January 1993 as a non-profit organization whose main focus is the upliftment of less priviledged women and children in our society. COFFHA is a charity, non-profit organization created to provide humanitarian assistance in the society. COFFHA is unique because it is made up of women who have excelled in various fields of endeavours and have merited recognition for their integrity and selfless contribution to their individual professions, communities and the societies at large. COFFHA has built its reputation on its ability to quickly respond to needs arising in the society wherever and however it can assist without discrimination on the ground of age, political or religious beliefs.

How COFFHA was founded

COFFHA was founded by three friends namely: Mrs Phil Okonkwo, Chief Mrs. Carol Ufere and Mrs. Gloria Esamah in 1991 who later invited other friends with the same ideas and vision, hence the name COMMITTEE OF FRIENDS FOR HUMANITY (COFFHA). Mrs. Gloria Ekwi Ita-Ikpeme was the founding president.